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NZ Native Plants

New Zealand's native plants are very special and many are endemic, or found only here.

We have some of the most glorious plants in horticulture - few can match the drama of a Chatham Island Forget-Me-Not (Myosotidium hortensia), the glorious colour of rata and pohutukawa (Metrosideros sp.), the stature of a kauri (Agathis australis),or the spiky structure of a 'Spaniard' (Aciphylla sp.).

A number of plants are threatened and found rarely in the wild. Growing these plants in our gardens helps to ensure their survival. Other plants survive in the wild but growing them in our gardens expands bird and insect habitats. New Zealand natives will establish and flourish in situations and exposed positions where introduced plants malinger and struggle. And there are many, many natives that should be grown just because they are plain gorgeous!

We have prepared our Native Plant Profiles so that you see, read and learn how to grow our wonderful native plants.

Myosotidium hortensia

Spring New Zealand Natives
New Zealand gardeners often bemoan the 'greenness' our native flora. But we have some true gems amongst our natives and flowers abound. It's simply a case of knowing when, and where, to look for them, and spring is time for some of the most dazzling displays.

Understanding NZ Native Botanical Names
Plants have Names

Plants have names, just like people

It's a complex world out there and the botanists don't seem to make it any easier! Streams of apparently meaningless gobbledy-gook are simply confusing. Botanical names, however, give us clues about plants, their relatives, their cultural needs. They are well worth understanding and learning.

More New Zealand Plant NamesSpecial section explaining New Zealand plant names

Clematis marmoraria hybrid against corrugated iron Very kiwi

Clematis marmoraria hybrid against corrugated iron, very Kiwi

A special feature on clematis, NZ native and introduced, tells how to use them, how to grow them and has simply loads of photos

Books on New Zealand Plants
'The Native Garden - Design themes from wild New Zealand'

The Native GardenA wonderful, beautifully illustrated book. Evocative photographs of forest, tussock clad hillsides as well as plant closeups emphasise using our vast array of native plants.

'The Encyclopeadia of New Zealand Native Plants'
Encyclopeadia NZ Native PlantsYou will find many plants from New Zealand's wonderful, very special native flora in this excellent book. Something for every garden, many that are not well known.

Ranunculus lyallii

New Zealand Alpine Flowers
Early summer is the time for spectacular massing of perennial flowers can be found in New Zealand's alpine regions. The Mount Cook Lily, Ranunculus lyalli, is one of the most famous of these. Celmisias, gentians, ourisias and geums are just some of the varied and fascinating flora of our mountainous terrain.

Admittedly difficult to grow outside their natural habitat, the photographs of these flowers are the stuff of dreams. Enjoy!

Mists near Mt Cook, Aoraki, New Zealand's highest peak is in the Southern Alps
Mt Cook, Aoraki, New Zealand's highest peak is home to many alpine flowers

Country Cottage Nursery specialist New Zealand native plants nursery offers many plants that are rare in the wild (mail order available).
Email, Tel Answer/Fax +64 (0)9-817 7806 or visit 205 A Godley Road, Titirangi, New Zealand. Website:

Koru, Native Tree Fern unfurling
Koru, Native Tree Fern unfurling

Carex dipsacea - Click for More
Carex dipsacea

Native Grasses and Flax
Our native grasses range from the petite to the dramatic giants, and they are complemented by the strong architectural statement of our native flax.

Our special grass and flax profile takes another look at these often-dismissed plants and shows you some very kiwi 'must have' plants.

New Zealand Native Garden

NZ Native Garden The Native Garden is just as interesting, pretty or dramatic any other garden style. And there are so many great plants to chose from.

Native Grass in a Pot
Try planting a clean-lined, modern pot with New Zealand native grasses. In a container the grasses make a real a statement.

Sleek containers - Click for More
Plant Sleek Containers with Natives

Metrosideros excelsa, 'Pohutukawa'
Metrosideros excelsa, the Pohutukawa

More NativesMore New Zealand Native Plants or select below

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