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Garden Hub
These are the pages that will keep you up to date with what is happening in the gardening world: garden events, gardens to visit, new books to read, photo inspiration from your own gardens, ideas and more ideas.

Plant Pests
Some introduced plants so enjoy our climate and soils that they rapidly begin to spread, swamping more desirable plants and, in particular, indigenous species.

Plant PestsWe've all brought home a 'lovely little plant' only to find it trying to take over the garden! encourage you to learn which plants have been declared pests and to garden responsibly.
See the special review on climbing plants that have proved their potential to smother more desirable and native vegetation and bush.

Madoo, Long Island NY, USA
Madoo, Long Island NY, USACreated over 40 years by the painter Robert Dash, Madoo is a uniquely personal expression. The planting is especially skilled, as plants must be tough to survive and Dash has selected those that flourish. There are no clichés here, although many elements have been copied and used in gardens elsewhere.
Garden Clubs and Societies
See our Garden Clubs and Societies listing. Extend and share your gardening knowledge, and meet other gardeners.

Our Newsletter promises to bring you stories and advice, not every week, but whenever we have really interesting news and stories you will love to read.
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Wildflowers Days in the Shenandoah Mountains

Big Meadow wildflowers

Days spent exploring the woods and meadows of Shenandoah National park, one of our tales of gardening life. Bears, canyons, wildlife and wildflowers; something for everyone!

Stuff for Kids
See the Kid's Pages for great fun ideas for kids. We have lots of great things you can do from sunny day activities such as making your very own rainforest, special leaf-patterned gift wrap or our great kid's puzzles and more.

Book Reviews

Succulents for the Contemporary Garden
Succulents for the Contemporary Garden Don't be fooled by the title into thinking this is a design book. It isn't, but this is the book that will take you beyond 'the red one', as author Yvonne Cave so succinctly puts it.

Garden Events and Happenings

Hortensia House - a sweep of arums along the stream

Plan to visit one of the wonderful garden events held here and overseas in 2003. See the Events Pages for more.

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