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Garden How To

The practical aspects of gardening.

From advice for beginners to help you can understand your garden and improve your gardening skills, to sharing more advanced techniques used by experienced gardeners.

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Perfect Plants

Towards Perfect HelleboresSometimes our hellebores simply don’t look as good as those in other people’s gardens, certainly not as good as in the glossies!

The trick is a little essential maintenance, timed perfectly (or at least within the right season!), to enable a plant to look it’s best.

Work in the Border

Re-working the display
Time to take a long hard look, using any summer photographs and your trusty notebook, and decide to plunge in and re-work the borders.

Apart from dividing congested and over-large plants,bringing more interest in form (shape) and texture creates a better display, and over a far longer period.

Planting a New Border
Planning and planting a border is tremendous fun, and it is exciting to see the new plantings develop.

To get the best result, and avoid constant problems with weeds and soil nutrients later, make sure that you get the preparation right before you plant.

Planting Trees and Shrubs

Planting Trees and ShrubsGet into the garden and plant! See our all-new tree-planting guide.

Every gardener does the round-robin removal from time to time; some gardeners seem to have their plants on wheels, they move so often! We show you how to transplant a small tree or shrub

Lawn Care

Sowing New Lawns
Lawn CareA good lawn is the pride and joy of many gardeners. As summer ends, prepare the soil for sowing new lawns. Autumn sown lawns are often less 'weedy' than spring sown, so cease the opportunity. Read our guide before you start!

Garden diary

Reminders, each month, of tasks in your garden.


More Vegetable Gardening
Why grow vegetables? Salads, tomatoes, beans and peas - all are so much better straight from the garden. small space options are more important than ever.

Changing to more wet and mould resistant varieties of lettuce, using raised beds, starting plants under cover, using cloches, etc. There are ways to cope! See our Vegetable Garden Diary for more.

It's time to start thinking about vegetables. VegetablesOur guide to why, how and when.

More Gardening How To

Garden Shed Essentials

Garden Shed Essentials
One of the things that you really appreciate when the weather turns damp and cool is a really good garden shed. To be terribly trendy we could call it a potting shed, but most of us ‘pot’ in the glasshouse!

Not only is the garden shed somewhere to stash your gardening gear - all those precious tools and essentials, but also it is somewhere to head for when the heavens open! A good garden shed is a great investment. Tools, garden stakes, seeds, wheelbarrows, the lot, are safe dry and cared for. Do invest in a series of hooks for hanging spades, forks etc, it is not only tidier by better for the tools themselves.

Garden sheds come in all shapes, sizes and sources. Some are as gorgeous as this, some are a little more rustic. Try to make it possible to enjoy a cuppa while you sort seeds, write labels or plan the day’s work.

Cage gardening
Garden Cage Pests in the vege garden have made one gardener re think. A large 'cage' has been built to keep out the rabbits and possums. Other side benefits were found - the weather effects were modified, fewer white butterflies and the cat didn't dig up the seedlings! Try this link

Winter Rose Care

Winter Rose Care It's winter, the perfect time for pnating, cleaning up and pruning roses, so get out and get busy!

Starting A Vegetable Garden

Starting A Vegetable GardenStarting a vegetable garden is an appealing idea. Vegetables are fun to grow, you get to eat the rewards of your labour and they look great too.

But where, and how, to start. A step-by-step guide to starting a vegetable garden - site selection, tools, soils and layouts.

You'll need to make a commitment to maintaining the garden. It's best to do a little, but to do it often. But you'll have such fun. It's time to get planting. Enjoy!

Preparing for Winter

Preparing for WinterIf you garden in an area with cold, frosty winters then your garden challenge is greater than for those who garden in frost-free areas.

Falling temperatures and frosts - you must take account of winter and prepare the garden for it.

Taking Root Cuttings

Spring bulbs deliver so much Propagating using root cuttings is simply using nature to increase our plant stock, or to keep tender plants in our gardens.

And it's a whole lot of fun besides.

Dividing Perennial Plants

Dividing the plant revitalizes itPlant can outgrow their allotted space, overwhelming neighbours and spoiling the balance in a planting scheme.

Many perennials become open as the growth in the centre ages and dies, with woody tissues that are prone to disease and sap the energy, besides looking less than great. Division revitalises the plant.

How Plants Cope with Winter Cold

Hoar FrostPlants have a number of defences for cold, adapting in ways that enable them to survive from season to season. Understanding these helps us to carry our plants through the cold months.
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