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About Us

We enjoy hearing from our visitors, so it helps you to know who we are as well, and to see our privacy, copyright, photographs and other policies, as set out below.

Our aim
Our aim is to strive to bring you the best in gardening information, inspiration and ideas, to help you become the best gardeners!

We are a New Zealand site but with lots of international content. We will bring you the best that we can on gardening here, overseas and in cyber-space.

Editorial content is handled by Margaret Chapman, who has gardened in New Zealand as well as in the UK, the USA and Asia. Margaret has a Certificate in Garden Design from the English Gardening School, gained while living & gardening in London. Margaret currently gardens in Canterbury and brings her love of gardening, her knowledge and international background to her editorial role.

Our articles are sourced from experienced, practising gardeners with a wide range of experience and an enthusiasm to share it with you. We draw on their experience in seeking to fill these pages with useful, insightful and inspirational content!

We have established a Garden Gallery (click here to see it) so that you can share your garden with others, and we welcome information on garden societies, meetings and horticultural events which we will list in our events section. We welcome information, stories and contributions from our readers, if you would like to join our list of contributors please contact us.

The content (including all photographs) and pages within are subject to copyright.

Reproduction of any kind in part or in whole in any part of the world is reserved by Limited. Any use or quotation should clearly acknowledge the source as being

Photos are CopyrightThe photographs in this website are subject to copyright. Reproduction of any kind in part or in whole in any part of the world is reserved by Limited.

This means that visitors do not have the right to copy or use the photographs.

If you must copy and use our photographs, then you must acknowledge them as being copyright to Limited and also create a link to our site, giving the url.

Most of the photographs have been taken by Limited Staff. Where photographs have been taken by other than a staff member, the photographer is acknowledged.

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How to contact Us
We would love to hear from you! So send us your comments, your loves and your hates- we want them all! Plus special requests, favourite memories and tips, we will publish those of interest to our visitors and seek to fulfil your wish-list for content!

You can contact us for

technical matters

editorial & content

advertising & administrative

your garden/event listing

Or, if you prefer, you can contact us on

Tel:  +64 (3) 318 1450
Fax: +64 (3)318 1451

Postal: PO Box 31-293 Christchurch 4, New Zealand

Our privacy policy

We collect information on visits made to our pages to enhance your experience within our site. We collect this information in order to assess where, how and how many visitors come to our pages; what you like and what you do not.

We use this information only to tailor the content and design of and, on a confidential basis, to provide information on the number of 'views' advertisements are likely to receive.

We do not collect data on individuals.

We do not and will not provide any information on individual visitors to our site to any outside or third party whatsoever.

This site contains links to other sites. bestgardening.comis not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such Web sites and strongly recommends that you read their privacy policies and terms and conditions.

Ownership is owned by Limited, a New Zealand company.

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The compilers and Editor of's pages have taken every care, in the time available, to check the information included here as to accuracy and safety, but neither they nor Limited cannot accept liability for any resulting injury, loss, or damage to either property or person whether direct or consequential and howsoever arising. Local conditions, climate and adverse events will affect the relevance and accuracy of information. Limited stresses that it is essential to carefully read and follow any information given on manufacturers packaging and/or plant labels.

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