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A to Z Index

A to K

About Us - contact details, privacy policy etc
Alfresco Living plan an Outdoor Living area
Anna Pavord The Tulip and Hidcote Garden. A Review
Auckland Regional Botanic Garden, NZ Garden review
Autumn Border Care Tasks for autumn in the flower garden
Autumn Flowers - late season flowers
Autumn Plants - planning for autumn interest

Beanhouse making a beanouse, a kid's project
Beales, Peter Nov, 2000 NZ lecture tour review
Beans - Vegetable Gardening
Beanhouse Kids Competition Results
Bees Kids Pages
Beth Chatto Garden Garden Open
Birds Attracting Birds in the Garden
Birds Helping Birds plus Birdhouse Project
Blossom Trees- Flowering Cherry (Prunus)
Blue - Designing with Colour
Book Reviews
Border Autumn Tasks and Plantcare
Borders Preparing
Borders Staking and Supporting Plants
Border Plants Alliums
Border Plants Tall Bearded Iris
Border Plants Paeonies
Botanic Garden, Auckland, NZ. Garden Review
Botanical Names Explained
Botanical Names New Zealand Plants
Botanical Artist Bryan Poole
Botany Explaining how plants work
Botany Botanical Names Explained
Botany How Cuttings Grow
Botany How Plants Climb
Botany How Plants Cope with Dry Climates
Botany How Plants Cope with Winter Cold
BotanyHow Plants Use Water
Botany Why Leaves Colour and Fall in Autumn
Broad Beans - Vegetable Gardening
Broccoli - Vegetable Gardening
Bromeliads a brief guide to Vriesea ssp
Bryan Poole Botanical Artist
Bugs - Kids Pages
Bulbs - Alliums
Bulbs Cool Climate Bulbs
Bulbs Lilies(Lilium)
Bulbs planting
Bulbs Tulips, Narcissi and Hyacinths
Butter Beans - Vegetable Gardening

Cabbage A guide to growing
Cacti and Succulents for Kids
Carrots A guide to growing
Cauliflower A guide to growing
Chatto, Beth the contribution of a remarkable plantswoman
Chelsea Flower Show 2000 A review and photos of the Show in May '00
Chelsea Flower Show 2001 Show Review
Chelsea Flower Show 2002 Show Review
Cherry Trees- Flowering Prunus
Children's Gardens
Chinese Cabbage A guide to growing
Christchurch Garden City Feb '00, a review
Classifieds Advertisements
Classifieds Form
Classifieds Rates, Terms Contacts
Clematis Clematis
Climbing Plants Clematis
Climbing Plants Tender climbers for mild climate gardens
Climbing Plants How Plants Climb
Coastal Gardens Style, planting and insipration
Companion Planting
Conservation Trees for Canterbury, a community project
Containers Design Elements
Colour Design Design notes and ideas
Colour Design Blue
Colour Design Hot Colours
Colour Design Pink
Common Plant Names Botanical Names Explained
Contact Us
Container Veges Small space options for courtyards and tiny gardens
Copyright Policy We own the copyright mate!
Container Planting with New Zealand Native Grasses
Cottage Garden Style
Courson, Journees des Plantes Review
Courson, Journees des Plantes Review
Courtyard Deck - Garden Makeover
Courtyard Garden Garden Style
Crop Rotation- vegetable crop and soil management
Crossword Puzzle Kids' Pages
Cuttings Taking summer cuttings
Cuttings How Cuttings Grow

Deadheading to Prolong Flowering
Deciduous Trees Why Leaves Colour and Fall in Autumn
Deck - Courtyard Deck, a Garden Makeover
Design Basics Garden design basics
Design Elements Containers
Design with Colour Design notes and ideas
Design with Colour Blue
Design with Colour Pink
Design with Colour Hot Colours
Designing with Hedges
Diary Garden tasks and ideas
Dillon, Helen, 'Turning a Collection into a Garden' - review of her lecture tour November 2000
Dividing Bearded Iris
Dividing Perennial Plants
Drought and how plants adapt, for Kids
Dry Climates Designing Gardens
Dry Climates How Plants Cope
Dry Gardens Plants for dry gardens
Dunedin Rhododendron Festival '00 Review
Dunedin Rhododendron Festival '01 Review
Dwarf Beans - Vegetable GardeningBeans

Earth's deep breathing (The) edited by Harvey McQueen
Eden Garden Auckland, NZ
Ellerslie Flower Show 21-25 Nov, 2001 Show Review
Ellerslie Flower Show 22-26 Nov, 2000 a Review and photographs
Ellerslie Flower Show 22-26 Nov, 2000 The Discovery Marquee
Ellerslie Flower Show '99 Review, highlights and lots of photographs
Events Garden events in NZ & abroad

Flax New Zealand Native grasses and flax
Flower Shows See Garden Events
Flowers for Late Summer
Flying Pig Who are they?
Foliage for the contemporary New Zealand garden by Julian Matthews
Formal Garden Style
French Beans - Vegetable Gardening
Frequently asked Questions

Gardens- Preparing the Border for a New Garden
Gardening Terms See Glossary
Garden City Christchuch Garden City Feb '00, a review
Garden Clubs and Societies Contact Details and Listing
Garden Design Garden design basics
Garden Discovery, Whangarei 2001 a review
Garden Finder The National Gardens Scheme 'Garden Finder'
Garden Gallery Photographs of your gardens: inspirations, favourite flowers and more
Garden Marlborough, 2000 Review of Hunter's Garden Marlborough 2000
Garden Marlborough, 2001 Review of Hunter's Garden Marlborough 2001
Garden Marlborough, 2002 Preview of Hunter's Garden Marlborough 2002
Gardens open Gardens to visit in NZ & abroad
Garden review- Auckland Regional Botanic Garden, NZ
Garden review- Hatfield House, UK
Garden review Konchi-in, Kyoto
Gardens Review Mottisfont Abbey Garden, UK
Gardens Review Nancy Steen Garden, Auckland
Gardens Review Ohinetahi, Canterbury
Garden Review Otari-Wilton's Bush, Wellington, the native botanic garden and reserve, reviewed
Garden Review Trott's Garden, Cant, NZ
Garden Review Wilsons Mill Garden, NZ
Garden Style Cottage gardens
Garden Style Formal gardens
Garden Style Japanese gardens
Garden Style NZ Native gardens
Garden Style Tropical gardens
Garden Style - Coastal Gardens
Garden Style - Courtyard Gardens
Garden Tools
Glossary gardening & botanical terms
Gravel Gardens - Making a gravel (or bark) garden
Grasses New Zealand Native grasses and flax

Hatfield House, UK - Garden review
Hedges Choosing Hedge plants
Hedges Designing with Hedges
Hedges Plant Care
the Winter roses
Hellebores Cutting Back Plants
Home Page Our "front" page
Hot Colour Gardening
Hunter's Garden Marlborough, 2000 Review
Hunter's Garden Marlborough, 2001 Review
Hunter's Garden Marlborough, 2002 Preview of Hunter's Garden Marlborough 2002

Inspiration Regular Updates for Inspiring Gardens
Iris Tall bearded iris
Iris Dividing Bearded Iris

Jakarta A gardening tale
Japanese gardens - garden style
Japanese gardens - Konchi-in, a Temple garden view
Japanese gardens - to visit
Journees des Plantes de Courson Review
Journees des Fleurs de Courson Review

Kid's Garden
Kids Pages
Kids Project Beanhouse
Kids Project Bug Count
Kids Project Bulbs
Kids' Project Carving a Halloween Pumpkin
Kids' Project Making Leaf Paper
Kids' Project Make a Rainforest
Kids' Project Make a Scarecrow
Kids' Project Pressing Flowers
Kids' Project Crossword Puzzle
Kids' Project Word Puzzles
Kids Project Sunflowers
Kniphofias Red Hot Pokers
Konchi-in, Kyoto a review

An A to Z Index to help you find the information you want. We constantly add new material, stories and advice so come back and see us often!

L to Z
Ladybirds Kids Pages
Latin Names Botanical Names Explained
Latin Names New Zealand Plant
Late Summer Flowers
Lawn Care Sowing a lawn
Lawn Care Scarifying
Lawn Care Fertilising
Leaf Paper A Kids' Project
Leaves Why Leaves Colour and Fall in Autumn
Life in the Garden Gardening Tales
Lilies, Lilium

Madoo Conservancy Garden Review
Magnolias for spring
Maniototo Garden Trail 2000 Review
Maniototo Garden Trail 2001 Review
Making a New Garden- Preparing the Border
Marlborough Review Hunter's Garden Marlborough, 2000
Marlborough Review Hunter's Garden Marlborough 2001
Marlborough Review Hunter's Garden Marlborough 2002
Measuring Your Garden
Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2001 - Review
Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2002 - Review
'Michael McCoy's Garden' McCoy
Monarch Butterflies Kids Pages Book Review
Moss Green Garden A Review
Mottisfont Abbey Garden A Review
Mulch - a guide as to how, when and why

Nancy Steen Garden, Auckland Garden review
Nature's Garden the natural world, in and around your garden
National Gardens Scheme 'Garden Finder'
A Native Bank A Design Project
Native Garden Designing & Style
Native Flowers for Spring a plant profile
Native Grasses and Flax a plant profile
New Zealand Botanical Names Plant Names Explained
New Zealand Native Botanic Garden Wellington, now 'Otari-Wilton's Bush', reviewed
New Zealand Native Plants and Garden design
New Zealand Native Grasses - Container Planting
New Zealand Native Grasses and Flax a plant profile
NZ Native Plants for your garden
NZ Native Plants Clematis
Native Revegetation Projects Trees for Canterbury
'No-dig' gardens
Noxious Plants Climbers - Banned, invasive and obnoxious climbers
Nurseries Mail Order and Retail

Ohinetahi, Canterbury Garden review
Orchids An introduction
Organic gardening
Organic gardening Companion Planting
Organic gardening 'No-dig' gardens
Organic gardening Pest Control
Otari-Wilton's Bush, Wellington Garden review
Outdoor Living plan an outdoor area

Paeonies for Your Border
Palms a brief plant guide
Paper Leaf Patterned Paper, A Kids' Project
Pavord Anna Pavord 'The Tulip' and 'Hidcote Garden' A Review
Peas Vegetable Gardening
Peonies Paeonies for Your Border
Perennial Border Autumn tasks
Perennial Border Cutting Back Plants
Perennials Dividing Perennial Plants
Perennials Some Summer perennials
Perennials and other late summer flowers
Pest Control Organic gardening
Pest Plants and the Plant Pest Accord
Pest Plants Climbers - Banned, invasive and obnoxious climbers
Philadelphia Flower Show, 2002 Review
Photographs of Gardens Our Gallery of your gardens: inspirations, favourite flowers and more
Photographs Our policy on photograph use
Pink Designing with Colour
Plants for Autumn - planning for autumn interest
Plants How They Adapt in Dry ClimatesPlants for Dry Climates - planning for dry gardens
Plants for Hedges
Plants in the Winter Garden
Plant Care
Plant Care Hedges
Plant Care Winter in the Garden
Plant Care Using Mulch
Plant Names Explained
Planting Roses
Planting Trees
Planting Bulbs
Plants for Birds Attracting Birds in the Garden
Poole, Bryan Botanical Artist
Pond - Garden makeover
Potager Gardens
Potatoes in a Bag
Praying Mantis Kids Pages
Pressing Flowers Kids' Project
Privacy Policy Your Privacy, Our Policy
Project Crimson
Propagation growing from seed
Propagation taking Root Cuttings
Propagation taking summer cuttings
The Propagation of New Zealand Native Plants by Lawrie Metcalfe
Pruning Roses
Prunus- Flowering Cherries
Puzzles Gardening puzzles and fun

Questions that are frequently asked!

Rainforests a Kids' Project
Red Hot Pokers Kniphofias
Renovationing & Preparing a Border
Resourceful Kiwi A gardening tale
Responsibility Disclaimer of responsibility statement
Rhododendrons seasonal care, notes and rhododendrons for your garden
Rhododendron Index a listing of rhododendrons
Rhododendron species for your garden
Rhododendron - Vireyas for your garden
Rhododendron Festival '01 Review of Dunedin Rhododendron Festival '01
Taking Root Cuttings
Roses Rose care, notes and ideas
Roses for your garden
Rose Gardens Mottisfont Abbey Garden, UK
Rose Gardens Nancy Steen Garden, Auckland
Rose of the Month
Rotating Crops- vegetable crop and soil management
Runner Beans - Vegetable Gardening

Saving Seeds Collecting ang saving seeds
Seaside Gardens
Seeds Collecting and saving seeds
Seeds Seed raising, growing from seed
Seeds - Sowing Vegetables
Site map a map of
Shenandoah National Park, USA wildflowers
Shrubs- summer flowering shrubs for your garden
Shrubs Transplanting
Small Space Options Veges for courtyards, containers and tiny gardens
Snail Cures! A gardening tale
Spring Bulbs Cool Climate Bulbs
Spring Bulbs Planting bulbs
Spring Bulbs Tulips, Narcissi and Hyacinths
Spring Native Flowers a plant profile
Societies and Garden Clubs Contact Details and Listing
Soil type
Spring Bulbs for your garden
Staking Border Plants
Stars of Spring 2001 plants chosen for garden perfomance
Steps Building simple garden steps
Steps Designing garden steps
Subtropical Climbers Tender climbers for mild climate gardens
Succulents and Cacti for Kids
Sunflowers a kid's project
Swan Plants (Monarch Food) Kids Pages

Tender Climbers for mild climates
Tools for the Garden
Transplanting Trees and Shrubs
Trees for autumn colour
Trees Planting trees
Trees Why Leaves Colour and Fall in Autumn
Trees for small gardens
Trees for Canterbury a community project
Tropical gardens - garden style
Trott's Garden, Cant, NZ Garden review

Vegetable Garden a garden guide
Vegetable Garden Making a new garden
Vegetable Garden Asparagus
Vegetable Garden Beans
Vegetable Garden Broccoli
Vegetable Garden Cabbage
Vegetable Garden Carrots
Vegetable Garden Cauliflower
Vegetables Crop Rotation
Vegetable Garden Lettuces
Vegetable Garden Peas
Vegetables Potatoes
Vegetables Potatoes in a Bag
Vegetables Tomatoes
Vegetables for Small Spaces
Vegetables Sowing Seeds
Vireya rhododendrons for your garden
Vireyas for NZ Gardens Book Review

Waterwise gardening
WaterHow Plants Use Water
A Native Bank Edging waterways - A Design Project
Whangarei Garden Discovery 2001 a review
Whangarei Garden Discovery 2000 Some photos
Wildflowers in Shenandoah National Park, USA
Wildlife in the Garden Kids Pages
Wilsons Mill Garden, Ohoka NZ, a review
Winter Care in the Garden
Winter Wet Garden techniques for
Winter Corner
Winter How Plants Cope with Cold
Winter Roses Hellebores
Winter Plants in the Garden

Xeriscaping Designing Gardens

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